Hodges Fine Art
Featured Artist Bio:  
Daniel L. Hodges

A Native St. Louisan, I have been drawing
and painting since the age of nine.  My
mother saw my talent and bought me
coloring books until the age of fourteen,
thereby enhancing my hand and eye
coordination.  On December 2, 1995, I
showed my first piece of art at Portfolio
Gallery in St. Louis, MO.

On each painting, near my signature is the
symbol 12/2 enclosed by a heart.  This is in
memory of my mother, Mrs. Dannice Paster
who noticed that her little boy had an
extraordinary gift, long before I ever knew.  
She passed away exactly a year to the date
of my first showing (12/2/1994).  She is the
reason that I am an artist today.  

My career has blossomed and I have won
numerous awards in recognition of my
artistic ability and skills.

Several people have asked me why I
stopped doing portraits.  A guy that I was
having a conversation with said it best
when I was answering that question.  He
said "Ohhh, so portraits are your hustle;
this (the portfolio of art) is your gift".  
a gift it is, as I've never had a painting class
and I do not have formal education in art.  

Artist Statement:
My Desire is to create pieces that will hang
n your heart.  If my work can hang in your
surely you will find a place for it to
in your home, even if it doesn't match
the decor


Daniel L. Hodges