20" x 24" Print
eye sight has deteriorated, but his determination and dedication
to God is alive and well. He is determined to read his bible by
any means necessary. Unlike many of us who have excellent
vision, we seldom read our bibles, yet this man is grateful for the
little eye sight he has and continues to Glorify Jesus through the
study of His word. Notice that he's wearing three pair of glasses
and using a magnifying glass. The lamp shade is off the lamp to
give more light. The angel in the mirror is listening to him read
the bible. She can only be seen by you, the viewer. The angel
represents the fact that we sometimes do not know when there's
an angel in our midst.

The original oil painting is 30" x 40", framed.  Call 314-443-8369 or
314-495-4525 for pricing.