"Beside Every Great Man..."

"Beside Every Great Man..." is a depiction of three
very familiar Civil Rights leaders; Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr., Malcom X and Medgar Evers.  They are in
black and white while their wives are in color
because this painting is actually about the wives. We
can only imagine the day to day sacrifices that they
had to make in order for their husbands to effectively
and efficiently fight for equal rights.  You know the
old saying “Behind every great man is a great
woman.”?  Well I beg to differ...“BESIDE every great
man is a phenomenal woman.”.  

I salute Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Mrs. Betty Shabazz
and Mrs. Myrlie Evers.   They made the ultimate
sacrifice and gave the one they loved to the world.

The original is 20" x 60", oil on canvas
, unframed. Call
314-443-8369 or 314-495-4525 for pricing.
18" x 23"  Prints, $40.00
20" x 60" Giclee, $600.00
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