“Exhaled” is a depiction of a woman whose been involved in an     
abusive relationship for a long period of time. She has been
reading a book on dealing with troubled relationships.  
Somewhere in this book she saw her relationship and she realized
that the path out of the abuse began with her.  She made the
decision to take control of her life and exhaled.  

The symbolism throughout the painting speaks to new beginnings.
The dark clouds and rain on the left represent the storm in her life
moving out. The rainbow represents the end of the storm. The
rising sun represents the brighter days that are ahead. The potato
was just a potato until she realized its value and nourished it,
bringing forth new growth, new life; Likewise she realized her own
value, nourished her self worth, creating a beautiful rebirth.
“Evian” water spelled backwards is “Naïve”.  She put a cap on
being naïve; definition – showing a lack of informed judgment.  
She does not condone physical or verbal violence, so she decided
to cut his picture up, symbolizing the end of that relationship.  The
picture of the smiling angel on her wall indicates that God is
pleased with her decision and He’s with her.

The original oil on  canvas painting is 54"x 48", unframed.   Call
314-443-8369 or 314-495-4525 for pricing.
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