I created "got justice?" to depict all of the unrest that was going on in
Brown, Jr. I wanted to show a picture of Michael, a normal African
American teen in his element, listening to music; a picture we've seen
numerous times across America.  I also wanted to depict some of the
events that have followed since his death.  The parents' faces represent
the shock and the pain of their loss as they march with the public in
peaceful solidarity, seeking justice in the death of their son.  The blood
trickling down forms into Michael's hands up, in surrender.  I placed "got
justice?" on the painting to ask the question "Is there no justice for
African American males through the eyes of the U.S. Justice system from
Ferguson and beyond?"

The original oil on canvas is 22" x 28", framed.  Call 314-495-4525 or
314-443-8369 for pricing.
"20" x 24" Print
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