20" x 24"
White Child II" is an oil painting.  They both depict a story of
a Black mother whose child has been missing for a very
long time, yet no one has tried to help find her. She feels
that if her child were White, there'd be more effort in finding
her, so she comes back and alters the homemade flyer by
writing "Whight" and erases her child's face trying to make it
look white, in hopes that it might spark an interest in helping
to find her little girl.

As you read the note that the mother has left, you'll notice
that she's functionally illiterate, yet she spells her street
name and the names of the Black leaders correctly because
she's familiar with those names.  Additionally you'll see that
although she's illiterate, she hit the nail on the head with
regards to society's view of her missing child.  

Her address, 4468 Dr. Martin Luther King, represents the
assassination date of Dr. King, Jr.; The spider in the corner
represents time, and shows that her little Black girl had been
missing longer than the White girls.

The original graphite drawing is 30" x 40", framed.  The
original oil on canvas painting is 24" x 36" framed.  Call
314-443-8369 or 314-495-4525 for pricing.
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