"Peace by Piece" is a depiction of an individual who is studying God's Word to
grow closer to the Lord.   As she reads His Word and seeks to walk in His way,
Jesus is putting her together one piece at a time.    The puzzle grid shows that
we are all a work in progress and at any given time a piece may fall out of place.   
"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans, 3:23).  Our
mouths, our hands or our thoughts may be displeasing to God, but as we
consistently follow Jesus; seeking wisdom and understanding of His Word
brings about repentance, faith, forgiveness and the grace of Jesus to put us
back in line with Him.  The puzzle is not complete until the Peace Maker (Jesus)
puts the final piece in place and calls us home; but in the mean time He gives us
"Peace by Piece".

The original oil painting is 24" x 36"
20" x 24"
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