"Rare Tiger" is a depiction of Tiger Woods at his best. The Tiger
looming in the background represents the strength and power of his
game. Tiger Woods's smiling face shows the love for the game. The
diamond indicates that he started as a young diamond in the rough,
that moved on to great prominence in winning the Masters and
demonstrating great pride in wearing the Masters Jacket.

I attempted to show this painting to Tiger Woods when he was in St.
Louis in 2001.  Tiger Woods was there for a tournament so I took the
huge 36" x 60" original to the hotel where he was staying.  As I was
trying to get someone to get Tiger Woods to come see the painting,
the news hit.  It was September 11, 2001.  My wife was in D.C. for
training.  Once I learned of the attack, my attention turned to getting a
hold of my wife.  So if I ever get the chance again to show this to Tiger
Woods, I will certainly try.

The original oil on canvas is 36" x 60", unframed.  Call 314-443-8369 or
314-495-4525 for pricing.
20" x 24"
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