20" x 24" Prints

"Sistas 4a Cure"
"Sistas 4a Cure" is a painting that the Lord placed on my heart to create
as a fundraiser for breast cancer.  The funds were raised by donating $1
per name to go on the painting.  The names written in pink represent
those who are "Cancer Angels" meaning they are no longer with us.  The
names written in black are survivors and/or those who are currently
going through breast cancer treatments.  I filled in names of celebrities
who had breast cancer and hearts encased with "mom" , "sister", etc.  
My wife and I thank everyone who donated to this worthy cause.  This
painting could not have been completed without you!!

Look what God has done!
The blank ribbons are for individuals who were
unable to have their names placed on the
original painting.  This allows anyone to add
their special someone to their print.   
One of the first Survivors to
donate a few names.
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