We're In This Fight Together
"We're in this Fight Together" is a painting about the worldwide fight
to find a cure for cancer. I used the color pink and a pink ribbon
because it’s the most recognizable symbol of breast cancer, however
the painting is about finding a cure for ALL forms of cancer.  Because
cancer has no respect of person, I connected the four hands together
in a show of unity among nationalities in this fight.  The heart shaped
world in the center of the ribbon represents that this is a worldwide
fight and our weapon of choice is LOVE.  The crosses in the center of
the hands represent the presence of Jesus Christ and His Love.  The
Statute of Liberty represents North America; the Sphinx and the
Egyptian Pyramid represents Africa; the Great Wall of China
represents Asia and the Mayan Pyramid represents Latin America.
Everyone is affected by this tragic disease, by way of personal
affliction or we know someone who is suffering (family member, dear
friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc.) and many have passed on.   At the
end of the day we are all in this fight together and we must continue
to strive for the cure.  

The original oil on canvas is 24" x 36", framed.  Call 314-443-8369 or
314-495-4525 for pricing.

This painting is in Loving Memory of
Mrs. Wilberdean “Deaner” Haymon (June 17, 1933 - March 29, 1999)  
Mrs. Annie Lee “Ann” Evans (October 14, 1935 - October 20, 1986)
20" x 24" Prints
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