Hodges Fine Art
                                                            Artist Bio:  
                                           Daniel L. Hodges

Daniel was born in St. Louis, MO. The Lord blessed him at a very young age with his
gift of art.  He loved to draw, but wasn't a fan of painting, until a high school teacher
told him that the 80s was coming and it was going to be about color. As God would
have it, Daniel never had a painting class, but who needs a class when God is in you.  
In 1994, at the age of 33, Daniel started his career as an Artist.  In that same year,
Daniel's mother, Dannice Pastor, passed away on December 2, 1994.  She was only
able to see one completed graphite drawing called "The Mailman Coming".  On
December 2, 1995, he showed his first piece of art at Portfolio Gallery, St. Louis, MO.  
Notice the date is the same?  Daniel always said "That was no coincidence".  When
he was given the date of the showing, he cried stating that it was confirmation that
his decision to become an Artist was God lead.  As a tribute to his mother, on each
painting, near his signature, is the symbol 12/2 encased by a heart.  As you will see
from his portfolio, he developed into an absolutely gifted and talented Artist. Often
giving God the Glory, Honor and Praise for his gift, his love of God showed in his
work. As a result, his resume is filled with awards and accolades from his amazing
26 year career.  

Daniel's Artist Statement:
"My Desire is to create pieces that will hang in your heart.  If my work can hang in
your heart, surely you will find a place for it to hang in your home, even if it doesn't
match the decor".   

Daniel was an amazing Son, Brother, Cousin, Nephew, Friend, Father, Husband, Saint
of God and Artist!  

We will miss Daniel Leon Hodges tremendously.  I will do everything in my power to
keep his gift alive.  

                                                                     Miss You Baby,