"Peace in the Streets" is a depiction of a national call for action to end this
extreme violence that is going on across the nation, specifically the
violent attacks on African American boys and men.    At the time that I
created this piece, Trayvon Martin had been attacked and murdered by
George Zimmerman, a white guy posing as the hoa superman crime
fighter.  I placed Travon's face, the Skittles and the Arizona Ice Tea in the
acronym RIP.  The Skittles and the Tea were the only “weapons” Trayvon
had.  The majority of murder victims are either shot or stabbed to death,
thus the gun and the knife are a part of the hand showing the peace sign.  
The Peace Lily coming out of the gun symbolizes the flowers generally
seen at funerals and it also represents those who are at rest with God.  
The olive branch represents peace or a permanent truce between gangs
(in reference to the black on black murders).  On the tip of the lily are
tears  representing the many tears shed over the loss of loved ones due
to violence. On the tip of the olive branch is blood, representing,  the
innocent blood shed of African Americans.  The hand is in the colors of
the U.S. Flag showing that violence against persons is a nationwide
epidemic.  The arm turns into a street with the yellow dividing line
showing examples of things that lead to violence like the SYG “Stand
Your Ground” law that was used to justify Trayvon’s death.  It was also
used in the brutal death of another Florida teen Jordan Davis and many
others.  Bullying and gangs are also at the heart of violence in the
streets.  You can't see it on the web site but the asphalt part of the street
contains names of major cities that have high crime rates, according to
the Center for Disease Control.
20" 24"