“Plantation Mall” is a depiction of what I call “Self Made
Slaves”.  The modern day shackles are actually loose showing
the fact that they are free to leave at any given time.  The welts
on the backs of the individuals represent how we’ve been
whipped into believing that having designer brands makes us
“look” like “SOMEBODY”.   Also notice that the female is
holding keys to a luxury car.  At the same time notice that her
house key has the initials “PH”.  The “P” stands for parent’s;
the “H” stands for house, representing that she still lives in her
parents' house yet she drives a luxury car. The bar code on
their necks represent the fact that we have been bought and
sold for centuries.  Additionally bar codes specifically describe
the product. In this case the bar codes would identify the
product as “Slave”.  The numbers represent the position of the
letters in the alphabet.  19 = S, 12 = L, 1 = A, 22 = V, 5 = E.  

Our African American ancestors were forced to pick cotton in
the fields from sun up to sun down.  Today, we freely pick
cotton from the clothing racks; pick steel from the car lots, pick
leather from the department stores, pick knock-offs from the
flea market, etc..  What’s it all for?  Self Worth. There are those
who attach their self worth to a designer’s name, a brand, a
trend, no matter the cost.  There are those who bully others
who don’t have the brand names and worst of all fighting one
another to get the designer brand.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have nice things, but consider
the price. Not the dollar price; but the priority price. If you have
to sacrifice any of life’s basic necessities or lower one’s moral
standards for a designer brand, whether at full dollar price or
discounted, the priority price is TOO HIGH.  We are FREE to
purchase whatever we want, but lets consider our priorities
and our future.  Don’t let the designer brands enslave you.

The original oil on canvas painting is 55" x 45", unframed.  Call
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20" x 24"