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Hodges Fine Art, LLC; It's A Family Affair

Big Momma, Original Oil on Canvas

Big Momma, Original Oil on Canvas

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Big Momma is a depiction of our revered grandmothers so lovingly called "Big Momma".   She's waiting on the church bus while reading her worn bible. Her hands represent years of wisdom; hands that changed diapers, spanked behinds, hugged, picked greens, shucked corn, dried tears and simply created unforgettable memories.  Notice the signs of the time; the rolling pin, Clabber Girl, the soup and prescription bottle holding up the window; the chipped windowpane and the church fan.  Did your Big Momma ever wear a wig but didn't bother to make sure that her grey was under the wig?  Mine did!!  This is a tribute to all of our Big Mommas, past and present.   

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