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Hodges Fine Art

Plantation Mall (Print, 20" x 24")

Plantation Mall (Print, 20" x 24")

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Plantation Mall is a depiction of what I call "self-made slaves".  The modern-day shackles are actually loose showing that they are free to remove the shackles.  The welts on their backs show how we've been whipped into believing that having designer brands makes us look or feel like "somebody".  Notice that the female is holding keys to a luxury car.  At the same time notice that her house key has the initials "PH" which stands for Parent's House...where she still lives, yet she drives a luxury car.  The bar code on their necks identifies each as a "slave".  The numbers represent the position of the letters in the alphabet, i.e. S is the 19th letter of the alphabet; L is the 12th letter; A is the 1st letter; V is the 22nd letter, E is the 5th letter.   Our ancestors were forced to pick cotton in the fields from sunup to sundown.  Today, we freely pick cotton and leather from the clothing racks, pick steel from car lots, pick knockoffs from the flea markets, etc.  What's it all for?  If you have to sacrifice any of life's basic necessities or lower one's moral standards for a designer brand or nowadays for social media likes/followers, the price is TOO HIGH.  Let's consider our priorities and our future. Don't let the designer brands and/or social media enslave us.

The original 45" x 55" oil on canvas is an award winner and is available to purchase.  If you're interested in the original, message Hodges Fine Art by clicking "contact" above to leave a message.  

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